CIA- Council of Indian Acupuncturists is a council formed on 1999 by our respectable and the most eminent person Dr. C. A. Ravi. It was a great experience with tough efforts to achieve the council, which is, pleasant it's journey.

Dr. C.A. Ravi being a senior Acupuncturist threw his ideas for progress of Acupuncture practice in India. It was the period of unfamiliar thoughts about Acupuncture and the awareness didnít create any difference in practice.
Founder & President
Dr.C.A. Ravi
Prof Dr. Usha Ravi
Dr.A. Rajalingam
Dr.K.G. Manoj
Zonal President
Dr.S.Ravisankaran (Chennai)
Dr.B. Ramachandran (Coimbatore)
Dr.S.V.Vijayaragav (Madurai)
Vice President
Dr.A. Sankaran
Joint Seceretery
Dr.J. Ananthakrishnan
Executive Members
Dr.Asukavi A. Mookiah
Dr.S. Sree Ramakrishnan
Dr.P. Mariadasan
Dr. Gracy Ravichandran
Dr.G. Bala Kuppuraj
Advisory Committee
Dr.K.S. Ganesh
Dr.N.S. Ezhilon
Dr.N. Subramanian
Selecting Committee
Dr. S.Hariharan
Free Camp Developing Committee
Dr.P. Senthilkumar
Dr.K. Rosily
Membership Promoting Developing Committee
Dr.S. Sivabalan
Dr.S. Natarajan
Dr.M. Vijayalakshmi
Dr.I. Umarsharif
Can mingle in the true Acupuncture world.
Share your experience and update your knowledge in Acupuncture field.
Can attend Acupuncture free medical camps in various places.
Can do projects in Acupuncture clinical trials and participate in Seminars           conducted by CIA.
Participate in awareness health programmes adjoining with many other           organizations in free service to poor.
Can practice Acupuncture all over India except Jammu& Kashmir.

How many divergent meridians are there?
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